Executive Members



Andrea Lee

Dena Duthoy-Null

Jennifer Wu


Stephanie Lim


Jihye Lim


Monica Wong


Ria Delima


Jae Paek


Susan Pi

Want to become more involved and join the PTA Board?

We are always looking for new members to become more involved. When you join the PTA Board, you'll join a team of motivated people committed to supporting the Spring Valley teachers, students, and administrators. You can make a real difference in the lives of your children for years to come. Contact the Leadership Team at leadership@springvalleypta.org if you're interested in joining the Board. If you're interested in volunteering, contact us at volunteer@springvalleypta.org.

Brief description of the Executive Board positions.

Leadership Team – Lead the organization; coordinate activities of board members and chairs; preside at board and association meetings; interface with school administration – Time Estimate: 10 hours/week

Treasurer – Keep books and records of the organization; prepare annual budget; pay all bills of the organization; prepare and present the treasurer’s report at all meetings; see to the preparation and filing of all required tax returns – Time Estimate: 5 hours/week

Recording Secretary – Keep minutes of all meetings; record all expenditures in minutes – Time Estimate: 3 hours/month

Financial Secretary – Receive all funds and make all bank deposits; supervise the counting of all cash; receive all cash at events sponsored by the organization; act as aide to the treasurer as needed – Time Estimate: 3 hours/month plus 2 hours/week at time of year when organization is receiving funds from activities

Parliamentarian – Attend all meetings of the board and the organization and advise on parliamentary procedure as needed; review bylaws and advise on content – Time Estimate: 2 hours/month

Auditor – Audit the books and records of the organization twice a year. After each audit, prepare and present an audit report to the board and the organization twice a year. Cannot be related by blood or marriage or live in the same household as treasurer and financial secretary or signers of checks – Time Estimate: 2 hours/month for meetings; time as needed to perform two audits and prepare audit report

Historian – Assemble and preserve a record of the activities, achievements, and volunteer hours of the organization – Time Estimate: 2 hours/month